We know that people nowadays try different products and write about them as well. We want to hunt the best writers through our website and give them a chance to enhance their writing skills.

So, we provide a chance to both undergraduate and post graduate students to write about Smart Watches and give us their valuable ideas upon the topic “Smart Watches and Health” and the winner will win $500 which is an award for the best writer.

Students from any field and specially those who are fond of Smart Watches can participate in this writing competition, and they don’t need to be experts in the field, passion for writing is enough to write on any topic I guess.

So, without delaying it much, you can contact us and if you believe you are talented enough and can win this scholarship. You can directly contact us and be the part of this healthy contest.

Terms of Participation

You have a clear cut chance of winning scholarship for $500.

However, let me be clearer, you will to think about Smart Watches and how it helps us in monitoring our Health and write between 500-1000 words on this subject “Smart Watches and Health”

We want that your piece of writing must contain the following points:

  • How Smart Watches help us in monitoring our Health?
  • How Smart Watches are excelling Analog Watches?

The best, however, will receive $500 and can take advantage of it and use anywhere as per their requirement.


Anybody can apply for this scholarship. We don’t place any restrictions upon the writers as it defeats the purpose of creativity. So, anyone who can write is free to participate.

Keep in mind that only the original contents will be considered. We encourage you to provide us plagiarism free material if you really want to win

Application Submission:

To participate, please written an article of 500-1000 words lengthy and send it to us at  Scholarship@bestsmartwatch.co  via word.doc file. However, you necessary details will also be asked for if you win the reward. So, you will be asked about your details such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details etc.

By participating in the content, you are allowing us to use your content on our site

  • Deadline to Apply: 7/15/2019
  • Announcement of the Winner: 7/31/2019

Finally, let me inform you that your piece of writing will be assessed on how well have you written and how creative and information is your Article.