While every Company is busy competing with each other, with the intention to provide the best products, companies providing smartwatches are no slow in the race.

This industry is trying to provide the best smartwatches by adding more features, making slimmer designs, and others. Consumers, in contrast, also have mixed ideas regarding Smart watches, some find it classy, though the rest of them don’t prefer it.

However, smart watchers are never out of trend, meanwhile, companies are fully focusing on designing their smartwatches in a way more classy and trendy. While it may be true, that consumers are considering features like; GPS, Tracking heart rate feature, tracking fitness feature, waterproofing, etc. In the meantime, companies also consider their demands and try to cope with all that.

Above all, there are some who believe analog watches to be more reliable and durable. Meanwhile, the fact that smartwatches are also doing a great job can’t be ignored. With the addition of features, consumer’s interest in smartwatches is evident. Similarly, companies are also trying to improve the experience consumers should have towards smartwatches.

Here are some of the smartwatches I have reviewed for you guys. You may consider buying any of them as all are quite stylish and trendy with lots of aesthetic and detailed features.

Best Smartwatch 2020

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Midnight Black

If you are in search of a smartwatch to look to more trendy and live a smarter life. Then, you are in the right place, as Smartwatches are all about being stylish and yet simple. Samsung Galaxy watch would be the correct choice for you. As you know, Samsung Smartwatches have been quite popular in the market. Samsung Galaxy midnight black, undoubtedly, surprises its users with its classy elements.

The Galaxy watch, surprisingly, does everything a consumer hopes for. It offers features like; built-in health tracking which works quite well for cardio. Moreover, its Bluetooth connection helps you keep everything at your wrist and allows you to pair with both Android and IOS smartphones. Similarly, it shows compatibility with devices such as; Samsung smartphone, on Samsung Android smartphone (including Android OS 5.0 and RAM 1.5GB & above), and iPhone 5 and above for sure.

Moreover, it carries the SOC inside, the chip that powers the watch, and of course the rotating bezel. The rotating bezel allows you to navigate without blocking/smudging the screen. I, personally, feel the rotating bezel to be the ideal way to interact with smartwatch so far.

In addition to that, it comes into two sizes and three colors. In like fashion, it offers stylish watch faces and looks so realistic. The feature of opting from the collection of interchangeable bands makes it one of the most reliable smartwatches.

However, this also allows you to play music, track your workout, connecting to Wi-Fi, S health Continuous HR monitoring and gym run. This, in short, is a complete package for all the wristwatch lovers.

While unwrapping the box, you would find, A galaxy watch, additional straps, wireless charging, a dock, travel adapter, user manual, and a quick start guide in. in conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy is an amazing watch, luckily, consumers would enjoy having this watch. It, for sure, is something you should check out for.

  • Stronger, smarter and excellent wrist watch
  • Stylish design with best battery life
  • Health tracking and option to choose from interchangeable bands
  • Step Counting might fluctuate and may not be accurate for slow walking or a mix of walking/standing
  • Doesn’t allow for custom walking design
  • Its inability to connect to captive portal Wi-Fi (i.e. networks requiring you to visit a site and accept the terms

2. Apple Watch Series 4

best smartwatchesApple, as you know, have always been doing completely well in the market i.e. be it their phones, tabs or watches. This, in fact, one of the few solid devices you would urge to have. You would evidence how Apple focus on their smartwatches making it more user-friendly and adding lots of features.

Honestly, this time, Apple has truly impressed me with its watch series. You can use it for fitness and health. You would find it very light, and secondly, you would love the band as it varies from both small to the medium band and medium to the large band.

Moreover, you will definitely like the watch for its health aspects. Meanwhile, the ability to respond to calls and texts would just blow you away. Similarly, you can also use Bluetooth headphones with it and ECG is another great addition to this.

In short, the watch has everything one wants. One wants to have this watch because it has a beautiful design and a very decent UI. Surprisingly, the watch has a battery life better than any other smartwatches. Features are quite useful and you would love having it.

  • Great and beautiful design
  • Battery life better than any other smartwatches
  • An addition of ECG
  • The case might easily be scratched
  • When compared to Android wear offerings, it lacks customization
  • The Apple watch bands are expensive

3. Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch

best smartwatch 2019If you want to own the great Huawei watch, you can now have the best of the Android wear watches. The watch has the sportier look with a smaller screen but is sure that it won’t bother the user much. Some of its features are:

The overall performance of the watch is pretty cool, and the watch has all the features one would need. Moreover, the Huawei has built-in GPS and continuous heart rate tracker, this makes you able to track your workout routes without using your phone.

The best thing, I know, is scientific sleep tracking. The features, HUAWEI TruSleep allows you to keep track of your light, deep and REM sleep stage. Honestly, this feature makes your sleep more restful.

The watch also comes with real-time guidance, workout data, and Vo2 Max; and seriously many people will be fascinated by this watch. In addition, it has a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.1 BLE+BR/EDR. Luckily, you can also download and listen to music with Google Play Music on your watch.

Honestly, though, Smart watches may not be general for all. You will have a fine balance between aesthetics and comfort in this watch. The watch is very classy and designed quite professionally. This smartwatch has an amazing interface as compared to its previous version. Similarly, it also has great battery life. You will be pretty much happy with this and you will have more than 50% of the battery at the end of the day.

  • Information-rich and quite useful
  • Can easily be used at the gym and does some really impressive stuff
  • The default strap may not fit your wrist well
  • May find it weak regarding water resistance

4. Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Active Black

Best Smart watchAs some people like smaller and thinner watches, so Samsung Galaxy has taken this into consideration. Now, you can easily have it. To be very honest, this is one of the most amazing Samsung watches you would ever have. It comes with thin, lightweight and durable slim ready designs. However, one would also like its interchangeable bands and variety of colors.

For those who want more, the phone offers heart rate and blood pressure tracking. Sure, it is very thin and fits very well. It also allows you to record your sleep patterns. Some of the compatible devices are Samsung Smart, Non-Samsung Android Smartphone (Android OS 5.0 and above RAM 1.5GB and above), IOS 9.0 and iPhone.

You will agree that it leads you towards a healthier lifestyle because it can detect any irregular beats, with its real-time alerts. You would agree that its GPS tracking works very nicely.

Moreover, the watch has a great notification system. I am very satisfied that it allows you to easily read Emails and Texts. However, some may not like its small screen, but you may easily deal with it.

  • Durable, smart and thin wrist watch
  • GPS tracking, Blood pressure tracking, and heart rate tracking
  • The real-time alerts
  • Some may feel and find its screen a bit small

5. Apple Watch Series 3

Best Smart watch 2019Apple smartwatches have always been the topic of interest, and people love it because they try to improve their smartwatches. Every single time, their efforts can be seen in every newer version of their smartwatches. Apple watches Series 3, is another great offering of Apple watch series. It is better than the previous versions because they have made all the possible changes they could do to the series.

So, you will love the amazing OLED display of this smartwatch. Further, it is bright and beautiful. You would definitely love the display due to its immense brightness. Surely, this is not the only quality of this watch. You would be surprised when it comes to its fitness tracking ability. Personally, I appreciate the fitness tracking apps the watch offers. The Watch also offers you its GPS services and that’s how you can easily track your daily activities without much effort.

The performance of the smartwatch is amazing. Apple has always focused on the performances of their products. Similarly, one can witness the battery life as well. The battery can go on for a single day. There are different models of this watch depending upon the size and your preferences.

Lastly, I would love to tell you that it is a complete package for those who want to have a good experience of smartwatches. The battery life, screen, and trackers work all perfect. I, surely, advice you to buy this product and enjoy the features.

  • Built-in GPS, fitness Tracker and great display
  • Performs exceptionally well
  • Great battery life
  • Inability to listen to music from speakers, but that may be resolved in future watches

6. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Best Smart watchesAs you all know, people don’t wear watches because they find it easier to glance at their cell phones. This wrist watch, honestly, gives you a reason to buy it as it delivers a lot of amazing features. To be honest, you’ll get amazing features such as; a large selection of watch faces, ability for receiving texts and notification and can also answer/place calls. In addition, it has fitness tracker function, this function allows you to monitor your pulse and count your steps.

You will be very much happy with this watch, there are many things which you will like. Let us discuss those features now. Samsung Gear3 Frontier watch has superb battery life, which I really like about this. In addition, you will experience its water resistant, built in GPs and its amazing OS called Tizen.

Surprisingly though, you would be happy to hear about its ability to store your favorite debit/credit card information. You can also pay by holding your watch up to any credit card reader. Moreover, it also offers the feature to adjust the volume of the speakerphone. Likewise, it has great and crystal clear display, i.e. the screen is visible even in the brightest sunlight.

Thanks to the amazing features of this watch like; dedicated fitness band, heart rate data, step count and Samsung health app. You would be happy that it even records your sleep patterns and is a pretty decent wristwatch to wear. Sometimes, your biggest concern could be the battery life. Let me also inform you that the battery runs for a longer period of time.

  • Bluetooth, Music player and amazing battery life
  • The tactile feel and amazing display
  • Smooth Functioning
  • You may face a lack of integration with Google sometimes

7. Garmin Fenix 3 HR, Gray – Best Build Quality

Best Smart Watches 2019Among the latest generation smartwatches, Fenix does the job really well. This smartwatch, as I personally believe, is really a full-fledged package for the reasons that it can easily be used to track hiking, mountain biking, and recording walking activities. If you want all these things, then Fenix fits the purpose ideally.

When it comes to its bands, you would be happy to know that it has a black silicone band which is quite soft, flexible and shows resistance to discoloration. The softness of the band really adds a luxurious feel. Moreover, it has WI-FI synchronization feature along with the long lasting battery life.

This, in fact, has the best battery timing you would ever evidence. That is why it is the most ideal smartwatch for many of the users. Likewise, the Heart tracking feature works exactly well and you can measure your BPM rate with it.

Coming towards its GPS, the GPS works quite accurately and the functioning it does is pretty cool. Other than this, the altimeter, barometer, and compass all work really efficiently. Discussing its battery life, it just blows away the mind as it lasts for a large period of time. However, you won’t be disappointed having this smartwatch.

  • Smartwatch with altimeter, barometer, and compass
  • Stylish design
  • Smooth functioning
  • Some may not be happy because of the lack of touch screen functionality.

8. Garmin vivoactive – Best for Fitness

great smart watchesIf you are a sportsperson and searching for something reliable, then Garmin VIVO active has everything you are looking for. You might like its activity tracking, sleep tracking, wrist-based heart rate sensor, built-in GPS and for sure, a decent battery life. Whereas, the golf features and touch screen are just additional bonuses for you.

Coming to its heart rate monitoring feature, it is pretty accurate. The pulse it measures is pretty accurate and close to the real count. Moreover, it has the feature for step counting and also tracks the sleep patterns. Meanwhile, you would be happy about its activity tracking feature. If you a sports person and wants to track activities like running, walking, it does it very accurately.

Additionally, the golf feature offers you a lot more. The distance to the hole will be shown and you can also measure the distance of your shots. So, the golf app really fascinates the golf players. With such features, you obviously would need decent battery life.

Let me tell you that, it has a decent sized display and 24/7 HR monitoring with great battery life. Similarly, the touch screen is quite responsive and accurately responds to the touches. You will feel really nice as it has a very readable screen. It provides you comfort while wearing, you don’t have to worry about its size, weight, and durability. Overall, you would be happy with Vivoactive HR as it is a complete package and an incredible smartwatch.

  • Smart notification, heart rate monitoring and long battery life
  • Stylish and attractive look
  • Quite sporty
  • Lack of loud alarm

9. Amazfit A1612B PACE GPS Running Smartwatch

top smartwatchesIf you need a great smartwatch, then I recommend you this smartwatch definitely. The watch works pretty well and offers you a lot. It has compatibility to the Amazfit fitness tracking app and allows you to sync with other apps except for Strava. For the price it charges, it actually is a great deal regardless.

For example, you will be amazed to know that it offers you a lot of features. It offers you track running distance, time, pace, calories, speed, altitude, and heart rate. In addition, you can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds and enjoy music on the go.

Like every other smartwatch, it also has built-in GPS. You can track your route and distance with this built-in GPS. Moreover, its water resistance works well with perfection. Likewise, you would also be happy that you can receive notifications for incoming calls. Messages, emails and other apps.

  • Works pretty well on both Android and IOS
  • Has a great battery life
  • The push notifications work well
  • Some may find it bigger in size
  • You may wish for more/user-generated watch faces

10. Motorola Moto 360 Sport – Stylish & Affordable

best smart watches on the marketEveryone deserves a choice when it comes to what you prefer on your wrist. Moto 360 serves the purpose with its designs made particularly for men or women. You can easily find the color, size, and style which you think fits you the best. With this, you can stay connected and up to date by getting messages, news, weather information, etc. However, you would love the idea that you can select modern designs specifically made for men or women.

Coming towards design, you would love the classic round design. Moreover, it has an exceptionally thin bezel and very fine edge to edge glass. In addition, it allows you to keep track of your fitness. That is how, you would be able to track your steps, calories and heart rate right from your wrist. This watch, undoubtedly, is a good deal who don’t want to spend much on a smartwatch. Because it is quite reasonable and totally justifies its worth.

However, GPS tracking works amazingly well. The battery life is also quite good. So, if one wants a smartwatch with all these qualities, they should surely go for this watch.

  • Easily readable display
  • The smooth functioning of both GPS and Bluetooth
  • Sufficient battery life
  • You would find it both stylish and comfortable
  • Lint magnet straps, removable straps might be ideal
  • Android wear must be improved
  • Not enough apps

11. ASUS ZenWatch 3 – Budget Friendly

best new smartwatchesThis watch has basically everything one wants from a smartwatch. It has a beautiful screen with no flat tire and an ambient light sensor. Moreover, it comes with a microphone and a speaker. Talking more about the feature, it has three buttons and a Snapdragon 2100 processor. You can easily wear it and the battery also lasts for a longer period of time.

However, the bands are made of good quality leather that is why it is comfortable to wear. Likewise, it built in Wi-Fi extends the range and connectivity with your phone. The water resistance quality works perfectly well and you protect against water immersion up to 1 meter.

Let me inform you that, it doesn’t offer you GPS and heart rate monitor. Since some find them totally useless on watches. So, I feel it is worth the price. One doesn’t need to worry about such features because, besides that, it offers a lot of other features which is definitely useful for its users.

Talking about its microphone, they can get loud and people can hear you well. The touches are quite smooth and accurate. Whereas, the best point is that you can customize the top and bottom button and open whichever app you want on your wrist.

  • Snappy screen and accurate touches
  • Loudspeaker with ideal microphone
  • Buttons can be customized
  • Case color and the gold ring may make it difficult to make your outfit but it
  • is not a big deal though
  • Some may feel the need for a custom band connector


In conclusion, I am happy to tell you that the smart watches I have reviewed are all quite trendy, useful and offers tons of features. Some people still prefer Analog watches over smartwatches. Analog watches, no doubt, cannot be replaced. We can’t ignore the fact that smartwatches also serve the purposes they were made for.

I am literally impressed with the features I witnessed in these smartwatches and I would definitely be happy if I could help you in selecting the right smartwatch for you. If you are a sportsperson, fitness trainer or simply a smartwatch lover, you can definitely think of buying best and cheap smartwatches. Smartwatches do a lot more than any Analog watch, it offers trackers, GPS, Great display and many more.

Moreover, if you feel like we can review more smartwatches which are currently not in my list. You can easily express yourself and approach me. I would definitely be happy reviewing more smartwatches and knowing more about smartwatches.

What is the best smartwatch 2020

While people have been relying on Digital watches, with different features like unit converters and calculators. It is very recently happening that companies are releasing watches having the qualities of a Smartphone.

We have a wide range of brands when it comes to smart watches i.e. Apple, Sony, and Samsung, etc. they have been dominating the market and consumer market is full of their offerings. However, companies such as Garmin provides watches like Fenix and Fenix are more optimized with sensors and have every sort of tracker. Similarly, companies such as Suunto has also released smartwatches optimized for Scuba diving.

What can smartwatches do

Every smartwatch be it an Apple watch or Garmin Fenix offers a lot of features and has some specific purpose to perform. Let us see what a smartwatch can do:

Fitness Tracking: anybody who is fitness / exercise conscious or it is an athlete would definitely be searching for this feature. A pedometer and heart rate monitor is the most essential things one wants from a smartwatch. So, it can easily keep track of your workouts.

GPS: Majority of the smartwatches contains a GPS which tracks your location and receive location-specific alerts

A great battery Life: One would want a smartwatch that gets a user the whole day, so modern watches offers a good battery life. However, battery use differs for a different watch.

Notifications: All smart watches display notifications of your important events or activities from your phone. So, a smartwatch does it too for its users.

Apps: other than displaying notifications from the phones, a smartwatch is good if it supports more apps. Since there are smartwatches that serve a different purpose such as one for hiking or other. So, such smartwatches do what they are made for specifically.

Media Player: Most of the smartwatches when connected to a smartphone can manage media playback. So, you can change volume or songs, etc. with your smartwatch.

How do I choose a Best smartwatch

While choosing a smartwatch, you must know if it works with your smartphone. Like Apple watches will only work with iPhone and Google’s wear OS work only with Android watches. Whereas, battery life is a must. A GPS, Heart rate tracking are also some of the features one would seek while selecting a smartphone. Moreover, you must check the band’s clasp or buckle, they must be easy to swap and a smartwatch which has replacement bands available is better. In short, all the advanced features along with design and compatibility are preferred while selecting a smartwatch.

What features one must look for in a Cheap & Affordable smartwatch?

Those who wear and love smartwatches always look for certain features. Since consumers prefer compatibility, quality and their own comfort the most. That’ why they always look for certain features which are the most essential ones for them. Let us now discuss those features in more detail:


Mostly most of the smartwatches which are available in the market have AMOLED or colorful LCD screen. When it comes to viewing notifications and photos, the display is the most essential feature on looks for in smart watches. Similarly, LCDs are thicker than OLED, that is the reason major brands like Apple, Samsung Galaxy Gear use this display to be slimmer and smooth. That’s why it is necessary to select the correct smartwatch when it comes to their display.

Buttons or Touch:

As everything now is based on the touch screen, so this feature is also important when it comes to smartwatches. However, targeting items on a small touch display gets difficult sometimes, and gesture-based interfaces are not easy to understand. Let’s talk about Wear OS which does a great job of presenting card based notifications and can easily be dismissed with a swipe. However, when it comes to getting to other apps, a lot of swiping is involved.

Let’s discuss Apple watch, which opted a combination of both. I.e. offers both a touch display and a digital crown plus side button on the right side. The crown can be used quickly to zoom in content and scroll. Whereas, the screen used forced touch, so the struggle is quite clear between a long press and a tap. Side buttons help you to approach the dock of frequently used apps.

Additionally, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Samsung Gear Sport come with the bezel which can be rotated to scroll via menus. They are used in a combination with touch. In short, when we see the choices consumer make, we see that touch display has surpassed everything but if someone wants simplicity, they prefer the physical touch.

Alerts and Notifications:

An ideal smartwatch will keep you notified about your emails, text messages, and incoming calls, etc. with a buzz. These notifications help you know whether your message or call is an important one or not. Similarly, you would love the idea of social network integration i.e. getting notifications from Facebook or Twitter. So, an ideal smartwatch will notify you about that all and makes you able to check your recent notifications. Apple watches and Wear OS helps you greatly in this regard. You can swipe down from the top or swipe up from the bottom and be able to check your latest notifications.

Voice Support:

In this modern time when people are moving towards an easy solution to everything. They also need Voice option in latest and current smartwatches. It makes your daily tasks easier and saving your time. If you don’t feel like typing on your own, then just think of answering your message by just speaking the text in your smartwatch. Simply, the smartwatches with the feature known as voice support let you experience the most important feature in a smartwatch.

Design and Personalization:

While selecting the best smartwatches, personalization is very essential for individuals. There are a lot of different varieties of smartwatches offering you different colors, styles, designs and look, etc. people are even careful when they select smartwatches. They watch for the perfect look and straps etc. for their smartwatches. Other than these qualities, people also look for the size, materials, and comfort of the smartwatch. So, it is very urgent to look for the perfect size, finishing, style, and designs, etc.

Charging and Battery:

Charging is something which the customers must look for. As smartwatches come with LCD or OLED displays nowadays that’s why the charging can’t last more than a couple of days. So maximum and reliable battery life is something you should look for. Because when you use the media playback and other features, the battery can die quickly. So, charging the smartwatches again is another important factor. Some of the smartwatches come with USB porting and others with wireless charging. Consumer choices may vary when it comes to charging factor. However, it would be the wisest method to select smartwatches considering the daily usage of your own.


There are smartwatches like Fitbit, Samsung which are compatible with both Android and IOS software. Whereas, Wear OS system is compatible only with the Android system. So, Compatibility is the most essential thing one must look while buying a smartwatch. Make sure that the smartwatch you select uses the software compatible to your smartphones. So, don’t buy a smartwatch without looking for its connectivity and compatibility.


Another essential feature you must look for is the sensors. Athletes and other people who are health conscious use smartwatches for different purposes. That is, they look for heart rate monitors, steps tracking, distance tracking, etc. so the sensors store the information on a smartwatch. Sensors must be looked for while buying a smartwatch. So, pay a bit more for quality and premium sensors and enjoy the most important features of the smartwatches.